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Protect your OpenAI key without a backend.

Instantly get a proxy server and prevent bad actors from stealing your API key.

Setup in minutes

Integrating AI Proxy is simple. Setup only takes a few minutes so you can stay focussed on building your app.

How it works

We don’t store your API key. OpenAI requests from your app go through our proxy server using a new partial key that we generate.

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No backend required

Stay focussed on building your product and we'll handle the proxy.

Certificate pinning

An extra layer of security to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.


Ensure that requests to AI Proxy originate from your app on an Apple device.


Disable models your app doesn't use for even more protection against threats.


Get alerts when there's abnormal activity so you can take action.

Ban bad actors

Stop bad actors by banning users in the AI Proxy dashboard.

No login required

Protect your key without requiring your users to login.


Built on AWS, our service horizontally scales to meet demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't actually store any customer OpenAI keys. Instead, when you sign up we encrypt your key and store one part of that encrypted result in our DB (dynamo). On its own, this message can't be reversed into your secret key. The other part of the encrypted message is sent up with requests from your app. When the two pieces are married, we derive your secret key and fulfil the request to OpenAI.

We have a couple mechanisms in place to mitigate: (a) when you set up a project on AI Proxy you specify an allow-list of endpoints on OpenAI that your app needs to use, if a client requests anything outside of this it's rejected (b) we use Apple's DeviceCheck to verify that a request actually came from your app running on an Apple device.

The proxy is deployed on AWS Lambda, meaning we can effortlessly scale horizontally behind a load balancer.

Join the Beta

We're currently in beta. If you'd like to particapate add yourself to the waitlist. We'll reach out shortly with more details.